The Working Dead

from by Chris Violence



Lets Go!
There is nothing left to follow
nothing left but screams
packed in amongst all the pollution
stripped of all their* dreams
cast aside is the population
masses dirty starved and beat
Mcdonald's Feeds them, Walmart clothes them
they shuffle through the streets
marketing teams focus their targets
with bullseyes on their heads
television always feeding
the next thing they will dread
an empty wallet motivates
they are the working dead

stand in line
you aren't going anywhere
dead in time
in debt in death everywhere
the last in line
for life for sure any one
a slave refined
today right now every one

leaving all the thinking
in the corporations hands
its money you are bleeding
don't you understand
apple sales sky rocket
on the latest trends
you can't pay your credit cards and still you've got to have
living life on facebook
all false friends you have
an empty life your living
and I just think it's sad
we are all disconnected
while at nature we all stab

there is no way to escape
some just take their lives
crushing underneath the weight
seems theres no way to survive
families blown into pieces
drowning in their debt
we're all trying to escape but no ones found it yet
the systems being manipulated
finessed for the winning side
as long as the money's flowing
they don't care if you all die
you can keep on fighting
about red blue black or white
i promise the corporate leaders
will all sleep good tonight


from American Ripper, released July 17, 2014
Chris Violence - Vocals, Jon DuBose - Bass & Guitars



all rights reserved


Chris Violence California

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